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New Shipping Rates Adjustment


As of Tuesday, September 9, 2014, we have adjusted our international USPS shipping rates so that they reflect the actual shipping weight. A single CD costs now only $9.45 with rates going up every 4-6oz up to 4 lbs. We hope this encourages more people to buy from this site. 

BIG CHRISTMAS SALE! 25% Off your entire order. ALL ITEMS in store.

Starting today until 12/25/13, we are discounting ALL items in the store 25%. Yes, this goes for ALL CDs, posters, sale items, autographed items etc. So, enter coupon code "FI9K03ZH2WRY9", and DIG IN!

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Brand New Trailer for Best of Silent Hill Soundtrack

Check out this great trailer for our latest album. The Best of Silent Hill game soundtrack compilation.  Thanks to the ever inventive Gergely Hubai for creating this marvelous piece. 

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Tons of Used and OOP CDs in Our Amazon Store

I am listing many more used and OOP CDs in the FortyTwo Trading Co Amazon Store. Please click here:<http://www.amazon.com/shops/42tc> to see our wide selection. There will be new titles added daily until Christmas. Enjoy browsing!

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